Account Management
Account Management

With service level agreements and pre-defined boundaries we ensure that we can manage your customers effectively and accurately.

Account Management

Our dedicated Account Management team can help you to specify the type of fulfilment service which will meet your operational needs. This will be based on an in-depth assessment which identifies the anticipated benefits of outsourcing to Hallmark, your SKU range, sales channels, warehousing/stock control requirements, forecast volumes, minimum service levels, reporting requirements, banking and proposed length of contract.

The audit will also help us to understand the relative importance that you attach to cost per order, turnaround times, flexibility, service quality, security etc. In turn this will enable us to tailor our Account Management services to deliver on your priorities.

We will also agree with you a mutual Service Level Agreement, which sets out our joint responsibilities for making the partnership work successfully. This will include agreed minimum standards across a range of critical performance measures such as order turnaround times, picking accuracy, stock receipt and call handling along with a range of client based measures which will help us to perform efficiently.

Our Account Managers have over 60 years’ worth of experience between them and work with clients from a variety of sectors. They are experts in e-commerce fulfilment and direct mail fulfilment and offer Account Management 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

To meet our Client Managers please see our Team Page.

I need...
  • To know that my customers are looked after
  • Secure order processing
  • To monitor calls
  • Quick, accurate responses
As a customer I want......
  • To talk to a real person in the UK
  • To be dealt with as an individual
  • Advice from an experienced person
  • To get an answer quickly
We offer...
  • Query Handling / Order processing
  • Inbound / Outbound calls
  • Systems & Reporting
  • A complete customer service solution