Outbound Calls
Outbound Calls

All of our customer services agents are trained to handle both incoming and outgoing calls for customer services and marketing purposes, by blending the two we save you time and money.

Outbound Calls

In addition to offering query handling and order processing lines for your customers, our Contact Centre can offer customer call-backs, outbound sales and marketing calls including cold calling, surveys, courtesy calls, service updates or anything else that you would like your customers to know or hear about.

In addition to outbound calls, we can also contact your customers and potential customers via marketing emails or direct mail campaigns. For more information about cleaning databases, purchasing data and creating direct mail campaigns please see our Direct Mail Services.

Our customer service agents work from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5.30pm every Saturday, from 10.30am until 4.30pm on Sunday as standard, and work outside of these hours as and when you need us (this includes Bank Holidays). We will work with you to decide when would be the most appropriate times to contact your customers and which method would be most effective. You can also help us to prepare a guideline script for our agents to follow in order to determine the tone and content of the call to ensure that we are correctly representing your company.

All of our contact services are linked to our fulfilment services, which is why many clients use us for their market research calls instead of outsourcing to a cold calling company.
We provide you with a complete customer handling solution.

I need...
  • To know that my customers are looked after
  • Secure order processing
  • To monitor calls
  • Quick, accurate responses
As a customer I want......
  • To talk to a real person in the UK
  • To be dealt with as an individual
  • Advice from an experienced person
  • To get an answer quickly
We offer...
  • Query Handling / Order processing
  • Inbound / Outbound calls
  • Systems & Reporting
  • A complete customer service solution