Query Handling & Order Processing
Query Handling & Order Processing

Our outsourced contact centre provides your customers with helpline, query handling and order processing facilities all based in the UK.

Query handling, donation handling & order processing

At Hallmark we recognise the importance of looking after your customers and treating each case individually regardless of whether it is a query, donation or an order.  

Our Customer Service Agents are carefully selected based on their experience and excellent communication skills. At Hallmark Consumer Services we practice continuous improvement through empathy training with an impartial coach and call recording to ensure that every customer benefits from a positive experience. Our Customer Service Agents regularly “shadow” our Customer Service Team Leaders to ensure that everyone is giving out the same information.

Our call recording facility allows our Customer Service Agents to listen to their own calls in order to identify areas in which they need to improve; the issues which they have identified will then be monitored in appraisals to ensure that we are giving the best possible service to our clients.

In addition to taking calls, we are working to launch a new system which allows us to offer customer call-backs via a button which can be embedded into your website and also live web chat for simple customer queries that require an instant answer. 

In addition to telephone, email and webchat, our Customer Services Agents can manage customer feedback received via Social Media.

With 15 years’ worth of experience handling our clients’ customer queries and orders you can trust that your customers are in safe hands, leaving you to focus your energy on your sales and marketing. Our Integrated Customer Environment software allows us to process customer orders and for any queries we can enter notes both against  orders or separately; this way, if the customer calls or emails and speaks to another Contact Centre Agent, their whole history regarding purchases and all correspondence is accessible to enable the agent to resolve any issues as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

With Service Level Agreements and pre-defined boundaries set out between you and your Client Manager, we ensure that we can manage your customers effectively and accurately.

Queries can be received by email, telephone and post.

I need...
  • To know that my customers are looked after
  • Secure order processing
  • To monitor calls
  • Quick, accurate responses
As a customer I want......
  • To talk to a real person in the UK
  • To be dealt with as an individual
  • Advice from an experienced person
  • To get an answer quickly
We offer...
  • Query Handling / Order processing
  • Inbound / Outbound calls
  • Systems & Reporting
  • A complete customer service solution