Polybagging / Polywrapping
Polybagging / Polywrapping

It can be hard to find a direct mailing company offering affordable small runs; it’s something our team specialises in.

Polybagging / Polywrapping

On a regular basis we polywrap magazine, brochures, catalogues and various other forms of Direct Mail for our clients.

It can be hard to find a direct mailing company offering affordable runs but because our flexible systems are already in place, our set up fees are considerably reduced. With minimal machine set up charge, small runs are something that our team specialise in, without compromising on the professional look and feel of our Polywrapping and Polybagging service.
Built in quality controls ensure a smooth, efficient and error-free process during your Direct Mail jobs.

Our polywrapping capability is up to 4 inserts from A5 to A4 size. We also provide carrier sheet addressing and labelling to support our polywrapping and polybagging services.
Some of the benefits of polywrapping/polybagging your mailing items are:
* Your mailing will arrive in a good condition, unlike naked mailings which could potentially become water damaged, creased badly or ripped.
* The contents of your mailing will be clearly visible to the recipient making more of an immediate impact, but also removing the need for a branded/printed envelope.
* A carrier sheet can be inserted in front of your mailing item meaning that we can offer you personalisation in the form of offers, names and addresses, imagery etc. as long as it's within posting guidelines.
* Multiple inserts can be included loose.
If you require creative support for your mailing we have a number of creative agencies with whom we partner who would be more than happy to help you to create and design a successful direct mailing piece and campaign.

We source biodegradable polywrapping for use in our machines as part of our environmental management plan in keeping with the ISO 14001 accreditation that we have.

I need...
  • Unique Direct Mail Solutions
  • Envelope overprinting
  • To produce a mailing from a database
  • Access to reports and statistics
As a customer I want......
  • A membership or magazine subscription
  • To know about upcoming offers and discounts
  • To receive mailings that are relevant to me
  • Something useful
We offer...
  • Polybagging / Polywrapping
  • Digital and Laser Printing
  • Hand Fulfilment & Insertion
  • Account Management