We undertake a variety of laser and digital printing work which we perform using our specialist direct mail printers.


At Hallmark Consumer Services we undertake a variety of laser and digital printing work to help you to create an effective Direct Mail campaign for your business.

From simply printing your customers’ addresses, returns address and PPI onto envelopes to creating personalised letters from multiple databases, our speciality direct mail printers and print-partners have the capability to produce a quality, tangible mailing to suit your requirements.

We can offer stapling, carrier sheet printing, overprinting onto 120gsm paper and we also have local print management partners in place who we can turn to if we ever need help.

Our high-speed laser printer handles sizes DL through to A3.

For black and white printing, we can run off 95 pages per minute, while for colour it’s 40 pages per minute. We print both simplex and duplex work.

Our inkjet printer handles both postcards and envelope overprinting, ranging from DL to A4 size.

If you require digital or lithographic printing we can trust one of our local print-partners to complete the job before delivering the finished work to us ready for us to pack. We also have creative partners who can design a mailing for you and then we can manage it on your behalf, from start to finish.

Our robust PlanetPress Suite software package helps to increase our workplace efficiency and gives us an edge in direct mail design.

What’s more, we know all about complying with Royal Mail standards, which will save you headaches further down the line.

I need...
  • Unique Direct Mail Solutions
  • Envelope overprinting
  • To produce a mailing from a database
  • Access to reports and statistics
As a customer I want......
  • A membership or magazine subscription
  • To know about upcoming offers and discounts
  • To receive mailings that are relevant to me
  • Something useful
We offer...
  • Polybagging / Polywrapping
  • Digital and Laser Printing
  • Hand Fulfilment & Insertion
  • Account Management