Point of Sale Distribution
Point of Sale Distribution

Adapting to the needs of your sales force or the retail outlet is easy. As a flexible POS fulfilment company our team coordinate timed deliveries as required.

Point of Sale Distribution

Our point of sale management team handles all kinds of marketing campaigns from the very simple to the highly complex. Our team prepare kits, collate stock and provide reworking if you require. The advanced stock management system in our fulfilment centre makes POS fulfilment and collation straightforward, and it won’t cost you the world.

I need...
  • Secure, cost effective storage
  • Quality checks
  • Flexibility and speed
  • To offer cheap and quick returns options
As a customer I want......
  • Cheap postal rates
  • Value for money
  • My items fast!
  • Easy returns or a collection
We offer...
  • Storage and distribution
  • Stock handling
  • Contract Packing
  • Reverse Logistics