Systems & Reporting
Systems & Reporting

Although Hallmark is geographically remote from your business we offer real time access to management information to keep your finger permanently on the pulse of your business.

Systems & Reporting

Hallmark has developed processes for site security, including policies on the identification and authentication of all users accessing internal computer systems, data protection procedures, system auditing, anti-virus scanning, systems configuration management, disaster recovery and back up processes. We are accredited with PCI- DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), ensuring that you have the confidence that your customers' sensitive credit and debit card and address details are processed securely. This standard was created to increase security around "cardholder not present" data to reduce credit and debit card fraud when placing orders online and over the phone.

Our order processing system provides real time access to stock information which means that orders are managed with complete confidence. The software also delivers accurate prices, delivery options, customer histories and provides the intelligence for first class customer service. It also copes effortlessly with refunds, swaps, and returns as well as managing orders from each sales channel and different shipping, taxation and carrier options.

Our MailManager email system is designed to manage the emails that we receive on behalf of our various clients. It receives and sorts the emails into the appropriate inboxes in date/time order. This means that we are able to monitor responses, ensuring that they are spell-checked, contain the correct information and are being sent on time. The program reports daily on the number of emails that have been opened and the number of responses sent per client, per agent. This helps us to give you the best possible level of customer service via email and you can even review the responses personally should you wish to. Some of our clients even request that they are copied into the responses that we send. This helps them to monitor what type of questions are being asked and also the answers that we give; by doing this they can build a better list of FAQs which in turn will help them to improve their customer knowledge and business overall.

By logging into the client “login” section of our website, you can access a reporting dashboard that is unique to you. This shows everything from sales to telephone calls and these reports link to our internal reporting system. The reports are password protected and available 24/7 therefore you can access them from anywhere at any time. Our storage and stock control systems allow for secure online reporting and alert you when items need re-ordering, avoiding delays.

I need...
  • Same day despatch
  • Stock checks and quality control
  • Customer services
  • Secure systems & reporting
  • A little extra help & advice
As a customer I want......
  • My order fast
  • Good quality items
  • A UK call centre
  • To track my order
  • To be valued as a customer
We offer...
  • Order Management
  • Warehousing
  • Support Services
  • Systems & reporting
  • Help for new and growing businesses