We handle the fulfilment logistics, so outsourcing your e-commerce fulfilment to us will minimise the investment for you.


Outsourcing your eCommerce fulfillment to Hallmark Consumer Services will minimise investment for you as we already have the warehousing processes, storage capabilities, IT and staff in place to help manage and grow your business.

Our resourcing policies are designed to ensure that we can cope with seasonal peaks, media coverage, mailing campaigns, and catalogues rushes. We have a pool of highly trained permanent and casual staff which is deployed to meet changing order levels throughout the year. This means that we have the same staff returning year on year who know the business inside out and this reduces our staff turnover.

Hallmark Consumer Servicse has a 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse with narrow aisle racking which means that we can stock more efficiently. We provide dedicated, fully secure, long and short term storage facilities for clients both big and small.

At the Goods In process you can specify how quickly you want stock deliveries loaded into our warehouse pick locations and whether sample (i.e. 10%) or 100% delivery checking is required. We charge per item that is received, checked, located and entered into our Warehouse Management System.

All of our warehousing functions are controlled and managed through a state of the art warehousing system provided by MNP Media. Unlike most Warehouse Management Systems which focus in distribution and logistics, our selected software has been designed to manage the high volume of small orders associated with supporting e-fulfilment businesses. This helps us to deliver high levels of productivity and efficiency and enables us to offer a cost effective e-commerce fulfillment service.

The warehousing system is fully automated and manages any number of orders from each of your sales channels and then moves them through each stage of our warehouse from order receipt to despatch. It can also cope with the complexities of managing a customer order as it allows us to process refunds, swaps, returns or multiple deliveries on the same order. This means that we have total confidence in providing your customers with accurate and up to date information regarding stock availability, their order status and delivery times regardless of whether they have placed their via telephone, web or post.

We can pick from pick bins in pallet equivalent locations or directly from pallets if necessary.
We also offer replenishment which is the process of requesting that inventory be re-stocked from pallets to pick bins before products are actually required to fulfil e-commerce orders. Our clients can define their minimum and maximum stock levels in a particular pick location and once this location reaches the pre-defined amount our stock reporting system will alert us that this particular product needs to be replenished.

I need...
  • Same day despatch
  • Stock checks and quality control
  • Customer services
  • Secure systems & reporting
  • A little extra help & advice
As a customer I want......
  • My order fast
  • Good quality items
  • A UK call centre
  • To track my order
  • To be valued as a customer
We offer...
  • Order Management
  • Warehousing
  • Support Services
  • Systems & reporting
  • Help for new and growing businesses