Data Services
Data Services

Our customer services team manually capture and input data securely and sensibly. We also have the facilities to clean data, acquire new data and merge customer records where necessary.

Data Services

We can offer our clients a complete data solution including but not limited to: performing data capture, data cleansing and de-duplication, and providing banking and credit card transactions secure to industry standard.

For simple and low volume mailings we will undertake data manipulation processes and checks to ensure that all the fields and formats are present and correct.
Where required, we will use a specialist external bureau with whom we partner to provide comprehensive
data cleaning and screening services.
As a starting point they can undertake free checks on your data and provide comprehensive reports and quotations on records that have been corrected or those that can't be or shouldn't be mailed:

- PAF matching, upgrading and any undeliverable records
- Foreign addresses
- Salutation checks
- Postcode validation and correction
- Duplicate detection
- Gone away and deceased records
Mail Preference Service records 

Once you have reviewed the free reports you can choose how the data will be processed to satisfy your own requirements and any external standards i.e. certain Royal Mail services demand certain levels of postcode accuracy.

I need...
  • Discounted postal rates and packaging
  • Competition judging / handling
  • Prize fulfilment
  • Fast turnarounds
As a customer I want......
  • To enter via post, web, SMS, phone, fax and email
  • To be notified if I win
  • My details to be used appropriately
  • A quick and fair decision
We offer...
  • Fulfilment
  • Competition management
  • Data capture & cleansing
  • Independant adjudication