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How Hallmark can help you become an Amazon seller

10 Jul 2019

Selling on Amazon is an effective way to quickly reach millions of potential customers, without the hassle of setting up your own e-commerce website. Ahead of Amazon Prime Day on 15 and 16 July 2019, Hallmark Consumer Services explains how outsourcing fulfilment of Amazon orders can help you to maximise your success as an Amazon seller, and the steps you need to take to get there.

Amazon is an extremely high traffic channel, attracting millions of customers to its site on a daily basis. By selling on the platform, you can access this huge client base and benefit from the ease and convenience of its customer shopping experience, as well as the marketing of your products through placement on the site.

Hallmark Consumer Services explains how to become an Amazon seller, and the benefits of outsourcing fulfilment of Amazon orders.

 How to become an Amazon seller

 Registering to become an Amazon seller is a simple process, involving the following steps:

  • Register your Amazon seller account – create your account on Seller Central, the dashboard where you can manage your selling account
  • Upload your listings – list your products and upload your listings to one or more European marketplaces (amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.it, amazon.es)
  • Customer see and buy your products – once your products are listed, you can reach millions of potential customers every day
  • Delivery of products to the customer – when an order has been placed for one of your products, Amazon notifies you by email as well as in your Seller Central dashboard. This is when you will pick, pack and ship your product to the customer
  • Receive your payment – payment for the balance of your orders is deposited in your bank account, and you will be notified by email that your payment has been sent

You can find more information about becoming an Amazon seller here.

Amazon sellersAs soon as your products are listed on Amazon, you may begin to receive orders from across the UK and internationally, depending on which European marketplaces you have chosen to sell to. The challenge lies in fulfilling these orders and meeting Amazon’s distribution requirements and deadlines, particularly for shipping options such as Amazon Prime one-day delivery.

This is where outsourcing your fulfilment to an expert fulfilment partner is the ideal option to take the pressure off you and your business.

Benefits of outsourcing fulfilment of Amazon orders

Outsourcing fulfilment of your orders will make the order to despatch process seamless, freeing up valuable time which will allow you to focus on growing your business rather than single-handedly managing and fulfilling a large number of orders, and having the hassle of organising parcel carrier collections.

Issues such as finding the right warehouse space are removed as you benefit from fulfilment facilities and, by storing your stock at a fulfilment firm rather than Amazon, you can grow through selling on other channels, such as eBay, Not On the High Street, direct to retailers or even creating your own E-commerce site.

By having an expert fulfilment partner in place to manage your Amazon sales, you can rest assured that your customers are receiving the right goods, in the correct quantity, on time and in the best possible condition, and, crucially, that the product they have ordered is in stock! This will help ensure customer satisfaction and improve your Amazon Seller Rating, which measures your worth and success as a seller using metrics such as shipping time, order cancellations and buyer feedback.

How Hallmark can help Amazon sellers

Hallmark’s integration platform links Amazon seller accounts to our order management systems, meaning that orders can be exported without any manual intervention, inventory levels can be updated and managed, and despatch information can be sent directly to Amazon.

The set-up process is simple and does not require any IT knowledge or additional costs – all we require is permission for our authorised developer ID to access your Amazon account.

The ready-made workforce of fulfilment experts at Hallmark means you do not have to manage or employ staff, and teams can be scaled up or scaled down depending on the amount of orders you receive and any peak promotional periods. This also means you only pay for the services you use.

By letting us do the work for you, you can also make cost savings on shipping and packaging materials, as you benefit from our buying power. It will also allow you to ensure that the packaging used to ship your goods is appropriate and the best possible fit for your products, reducing the amount of goods damaged in transit and returns made as a result.

In addition, we provide you with options to customise your packaging with your company branding (rather than Amazon’s, for example) and to use sustainable packaging materials, as part of our commitment to reducing the carbon footprints of our clients.

At Hallmark, it’s not just a case of getting your products out of the door, it’s about helping you to deliver a first-class service to your customers.

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